About FitWithLit

My youthful years were devoted to ballet and theatre; my devotion was demonstrated on stage and during dance rehearsals where I sought major theatrical roles. My dedication and commitment permeated through my vigorous desire to be the best version of myself—which in turn, gave me ample confidence and energy that channeled through my performances on stage.

At age 18, I had to pivot my life when I joined the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and was forced to put my passion on hold. During my time serving, I was delegated to be the sports’ instructor of the Combat Unit, where I honed my soldiers’ physicality by implementing programs such as strength drills, cardio, self-defense, and the like. Ultimately, this experience propelled my first physical training certificate, thus placing me in the trajectory of earning the title of Sergeant.

Upon my release from the IDF, I decided to embark on another journey: attaining my Nutritionist Certificate and NASM Personal training. Thereafter, I began forming large group training with emphasis on the benefits of sustenance and array of exercises. At that point, I realized that improving people’s lifestyle through healthy choices is my fundamental purpose in life. Today, I run my Fit with Lit nutrition challenge and I am the owner of Lit fitness studio, where energy and community meet.